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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  December 23, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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red through unitedhealthcare. call today. ♪ right now, a christmas first as millions take to the roads for their holiday getaways, the average price of gas tops $3. it is not the gift anyone was hoping for. the rain has stopped, but the devastate remains out west. families left with nothing but the cloes on their backs after torrential rains and mud slides. the latest on where the massive storm system is headed now and the impact it may have on holiday travel. north korea threatens a sacred war. south korea says they will have a continue counter attack. governor richardson will join me
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live, just returng from the region. plus, the jets head coach is asked about an online video of his wife. should he be expected to explain this? what does your gut tell you? i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following developing news out of rome where a series of bombs went off at the swiss and chilean embassies. two people have been wounded in the attacks. the u.s. embassy in rome is monitoring the investigation, but the department would not comment any further. no one has claimed responsibility. the department of homeland security tells msnbc there is no threat to the united states from these attacks. police in rome are checking all embassies for more bombs. and family is not the only company you'll have if you're traveling for the holidays this year. they are expected to trek 50 miles from hope this new year oos.
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about 93% of travelers will be on the road, and airlines are also expecting large crowds. here's a live look at the again ver international airport where officials say there's a 20-minute wait to get through security. that's not bad these days. now to interstate 75 in detroit. one of the main routes across the detroit area. traffic moving right along. ron allen joins me live from new york penn station where you can almost always rely on the train to get in and out on time. >> reporter: i wasn't going to say that. they've all been on delays here. things are on time. this is sort of the beginning of the beginning. this is the main route for people not familiar with the east coast. trains between washington and boston travel up and down these tracks all weekend. hundreds of thousands of people will be on this route.
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we also have to worry about the airports. a million people expected to go through. no delays just yet. the good news is this holiday is spread out. it's a whole week unlike thanksgiving where you have the concentration of travel the wednesday before thanksgiving and the sunday after it. the story is gas prices. $3 a gallon. nothing new here in new york where it's $3.25 a gallon. people will be getting used to that. the low is out in colorado where it's $2.75 a gallon. so again, here we go again. have to watch out for the weather. the east coast is bracing for what could be a major storm that rolls through here on sunday into monday. that could cause problems. the rest of the country seems relatively calm, but here we go again. more holiday traffic. be patient. take your time. call ahead. all those things and you'll have a good time when you get there. happy holidays, tamron. >> thank you, ron. thank you for your report as well. i want to get the audience to
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breaking news out of florida where there's been a mine accident, a collapse at a mine in sumter county has trap ad man, according to this information, underwater. the collapse happened near state road 50 and highway 471 if you are familiar tw the area. authorities say that the unidentified victim was left underwater for more than 30 minutes and rescue operations were suspended. this is in sumter, florida, where they've had ap mine accident. you see the water there. a man was trapped underwater for at least 30 minutes. the victim has not been identified. we do not know if they were able to rescue this person or if the operations were suspended because they could not find the person in this water. but this is in florida where we're following breaking news. looking for any kind of emergency vehicles or activity.
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at least from the vantage point we are seeing from this helicopter over the scene there. we don't see a lot. but we're getting more details on this story. a mine collapse has trapped a man underwater. this is in florida. we hope to have more details and bring it to you on "news nation." and a new threat for the california residents whose homes were destroyed by a week of record setting rainfall. they're now dealing with trash, pesticides and bacteria being washed along by rain. beaches are also being flooded with contaminants, and 12 miles of beaches throughout southern california are now off limits because of sewer overflows prompting health warnings, look at this video. five homes were pulled into the water. chris warren joins me live. you were out there yesterday where we were watching one of
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those homes and the feeling of angst watching that home collapse before our very eyes. >> reporter: that's right. it is completely gone now. not even a trace of it. if you look here you'll see some debris. that is the roof from a home that went down two days ago. the home we were watching crumble and listening to it as it crumbled and crunched, that is completely gone now. that happened overnight. also crews working into the overnight hours. they came back out to build this right here. their goal was to redirect it. the engineers say they did save more homes. however, it was a little too late for the homeowners, like the homeowners of this here.
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this garage belongs to frank and sharon. they said they watched it go. you've seen that amazing video. that was their home. they do not have insurance. frank had been building this -- he had it framed and the sheet rock, but everything else he was going. they were planning to retire here, they tell me. they do have a home in idaho. and they had yet to move in. and they were planning to move in soon. now it's gone. they have such high spirits. i said, what are you going to do now? they're going to party. >> they're a resilient couple. resilient to say this least. thank you for the live report on the damage that this awful storm is causing. and president baurm landed in the wee hours of the morning for his family vacation in hawaii after a string of major
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victories for his administration. the start of march 23rd. the president signed the health care reform bill. and on december 17th we saw the tax cut extension. just yesterday the president signed the repeal of the military's policy on don't ask, done tell. also yesterdays congress passed the bill that helps sick 9/11 first responder ls. they also ratified the start treaty. the work is not done. nbc white house correspondent mike viqueira is in hawaii. it's hard to talk about work when you have such a beautiful scene behind you. but robert gibbs said the president certainly knows he has a lot of work ahead. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. i'm glad you brought that up. i hadn't noticed the beach and waves and blue waves behind me until now.
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that's right. the president did get here just before midnight, hawaii time. he's wasting no time getting into what everyone hope fls the president on down, including certain members of his entourage is a very relaxing ten days, unlike last year in hawaii. the christmas day bomber. the president dealt with that last year. the underwear bomber who tried to blow up the plane over the skies of detroit. john brennan saying they are looking closely at things. trying to reassure people they have learned lessons for that. for next year, the question, tamron, you put your finger on it, will the bipartisanship that marked the extraordinary winning streak from the president, from don't ask don't tell, to the tax debate of 9/11, all those falling into place.
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counter intuitively, everyone thought there would be more partisanship, and not less. they come in january 5th. some things on the docket, cutting the receideficit and de. immigration reform. the president saying of aim the things passed he was very disappointed that that dream act was unable to get through the senate. they could not end the filibuster last weekend. and education reauthorization. a lot of people believe this is an area of potential bipartisan cooperation for next year. for now, tamron, it's on the beach for the president, on the golf course. he's at the gym at this moment as far as we know. >> work is never behind. up next on "news nation,". >> i've been covering broadway for 20 years. this is the biggest trainwreck i have ever seen. >> tonight the show will go on.
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the curtain will rise on spiderman's broadway show. not without big changes. we'll tell you what they're doing. then a big victory for rahm emanuel. and the story all over the interpret. an embarrassing video involving jets' coach rex ryan's wife and and an alleged fetish video. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day
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tensions between north and south korea continue to escalate. this is video of what south korea is calling the biggest
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live fire drill ever, and now north korea is threatening a nuclear holy war. all this week the south has been conducting land drills and exercises. at first the north said the drills were not worth responding to, but now it is saying it will use its nuclear weapons if attacked. joining me now is governor bill richardson of new mexico. he just returned from spending five days in north korea and is calling this situation a tinderbox. thank you for joining us, governor. >> thank you, tamron. >> absolutely. you said the military exercises by the south threaten to ignite the violence. here we see another show of force by the south. what's your spongs to the latest video that we're seeing there? >> well, what i want is the north to do what they did with the last few drills and not respond. these are drills, but they're fairly routine naval drills. but again, the tension is so high, the potential for miscalculation is so high that i
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just think that it's important now to bring diplomacy in. maybe get the united nations involved. i do give credit to north korea for not responding last time and for agreeing for some arms control initiatives that they said they would respond when i requested more. more nuclear monitors at the nuclear site. selling their spent fuel rods to south korea, an arms control measure. but, you know, with this situation being such a tinder x tinderbox, i'm concerned. i think time has come for diplomacy. >> you're not alone. but many are looking at china and saying they need to do more to help the situation. >> well, there's no question about it, tamron. in the past china has been
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relur reluctant to get involved with the north koreans. i told them they were acting in an bad way. you get these little incidents back and forth. this rhetoric of the north koreans. they always do it. they inflame things. you can't take that seriously. there will not be nuclear weapons, i believe. but you don't want a little miscalculation that will draw both sides into shooting at each other. and that's the danger. >> well, the state department said your visit was a pure private visit and you would not convey a message from the united states government. what was your goal in making this littest trip? and did you accomplish that goal? >> well, i did accomplish that goal. i postponed the trip twice at
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the request of the administration. they signed off on this last trip. but emphasize d maybe this will get you back to talks. that was my impression in my visit last week but they have to change their behavior. you know, you can only carry out peaceful intentions so far. >> well, i have to transition
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before i let you go from obviously the tinderbox of utmost concern. i want to bring you back to the story happening in your own state. you are considering a pardon for billy the kid and deden sescend. and they are outraged at what seemed like a little story out there for a day or two. what's going on with this pardon with billy the kid? well, i have dealt with this issue for my eight years as governor. and the only issue here is did, in effect, lou wallace promise billy a pardon? and there's a his call dispute over that. >> right. >> eni met with the family. i'm not questioning that pat garrett was a good sheriff that killed billy the kid.
2:20 pm
i'm looking at issue of whether a previous governor didn't keep his word. i'll make a decision before the end of the year. this is new mexico history. this is billy the kid. this isn't americana. and this is something that governors deal with pardons. and billy the kid -- >> governors deal with pardon, but you don't get a billy the kid every day in your governor sh ship. so everybody deserves a day in court and we'll see what happens. there shouldn't be a lot of commotion over this. >> well, you've had a heck of a week from dealing with north korea and south korea to billy the kid. i don't know how to put that in one sentence. you have quite a life, sir. thank you very much, governor. we appreciate it. the lights will go on tonight at
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broadway's spiderman show. but some actors say it should be shut down. two shows were canceled yesterday. the night show canceled just before show time now producers say there are new safety measures in place to keep the actors safe. jeff rossen joins me now. so what are the changes? >> the changes are more eyes on these highly dangerous stunts. these are things that hadn't really been done before on broadway. so what they're going to do according to the actors is have extra straj hands, extra sets of eyes to make sure the traps are in, and then somebody else will make sure the trap is in because they've had problems with the actor that fell more than 30 feet into the orchestra pit,
2:22 pm
christopher tierney, who is still in the hospital. his safety rope snapped. so they're going to make sure they're tighter. inspectors are still here. there's an active and ongoing investigation. the performance expected to go on tonight. you just said,that tamron. but remember as you pointed out. they canceled last night's performance just two hours before curtain's up. we're still within the window where they can cancel it any time. they were rehearsing with the new safety protocols in place. some of the the actors felt so bad. a lot of tourists are here. 85% of broadway visitors are tourists. they came in to see the show. some of the actors came out and signed autographs for them. we spoke with them last night. take a listen. >> do you feel safe on the set? >> i do feel safe.
2:23 pm
it was unfortunate. the safety precautions have gone up even more since then. i've always felt safe. >> injuries in our show are a terrible thing. and no one wants to discount that at all. but injuries in a big show are something that happens. they said spid german should shut down entirely because it's too dangerous. when you think about the price tag and how much is at stake, it's unlikely. $65 million spent so far. i don't think they're about to shut the doors with good reason. >> money, but safety will come first. >> safety, first. >> coming up. still some lst minute christmas shopping to do? the hottest electronic gifts this season. people still want plasmas? plus hls of americans are expected to hit the road. will the cost of gas affect
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them? we're following breaking news out of florida. a man is trapped underwater after authorities say a mine collapsed around him. officials told an affiliate blasting was under way when land gaveway underneath that man. this is my band from the 80's, looker. hair and mascara, a lethal combo. i'm jon haber of alto music.
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advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. i had fun today, grandpa. you and me both. if copd is still making it hard to breathe, ask your doctor if including advair will help improve your lung function for better breathing. get your first full prescription free and save on refills. welcome back to "news nation" and with the economy in trouble, retailers and big box stores are depending on the holiday sales to give them a much needed boost in business. many of the outlets have extended the hours until late christmas eve, and the plan is paying off, because malls are said to be crowd and the u.s. retail revenue is up 5%. electronics are also in big demand. joining me live at msnbc's darren rovell in the best buy store in the heart of new york
2:28 pm
city, and with some of the hottest items that the adults want for all of their toys, but what are the adults buying, darren? >> well, this store is as crowded as i have seen. all morning people are coming in here, and a statistic of 1 of every 7 consumers will shop on christmas eve and 30% of all christmas shopping is done in the last two weeks roughly. the one poll i love it says that consumers will be that men will spend more money on their girlfriend than their money, an average of $250 on the girlfriend, and $100 on the mother, so i got the wife, the significant other this $250 sound dock, and i got -- >> what if she sees this?
2:29 pm
they will know what you have gotten now? it is to the point of no surprise? >> no, my wife never watches me. >> she might watch me. >> and my wife the photo frame for $100. that is what we got, and a lot of the people looking at the k-nect and you try the go to the apple ipads, and it is nuts. and yes, i have tickets for spiderman on january 4th, so if jeff rosen can do something about that, i would appreciate it. >> since we are giving the wish list, i want the knect for christmas and i will talk to jeff rosen and you make it happen with the knect. >> well, i'm not in shape, and you are, but it is like the wii but without a controller and i hurt myself. >> well, i have the wii, and i want that other one. so i hope that you and your mom are not watching, and we don't say that about the viewers, because we want them to watch.
2:30 pm
and merry christmas and happy holidays and i was that close from missing that guy. darn it. still ahead on news nation, the purse that turned into a weapon at a florida school board meeting is now off of the auction block, and wait until you hear how much someone paid to get their hands on this $300 handbag. and plus, harry reid fulfills a promise of an army officer discharged under "don't ask, don't tell," coming up. le announcer ] this is steven, a busy man.
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the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on; just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. i want to take you back to florida where we are following some breaking news, where a man working at a phosphate mine in sumpter county not far from orlando was trapped underwater after the mine collapsed around him. authorities fear that this man is dead after this mine collapse. this is the information we are getting from the nbc affiliate in orlando, and you see the rescue crews on the water. they are searching for this
2:34 pm
individual whose name has not been released. this happened as some of the land gave way underneath the victim and we will keep following the breaking news out of the orlando area and bring you any developments. and rahm emanuel was cleared to run for mayor of chicago. just hours ago, the former chief of staff was given the go ahead. >> that the petition be credited, and the name of rahm emanuel will be printed on the official ballot for the mayor of chicago. >> and the opponents say that he gave up residential rights when he went to work for the presidency in washington, d.c. here to talk about rahm emanuel and his bid for mayor of chicago, is our chicago editor
2:35 pm
from the chicago newspaper. >> well, they say they will appeal, but not have many believe it will end up short of the illinois supreme court. and there is a remedy for them and the lawyer saying that emanuel is not a resident said that he is disappointed in the quality of the decision and he said that it would turn residency law on its head in illinois, and they are going to appeal. >> is this a distraction for rahm emanuel, nick, because he needs to be acquainted with the people of chicago and improve the situation, and they have been hit hard, and the real estate market has taken a hit, and they have other problems with the city's budget, and is this issue of residency distracting rahm emanuel from talking to the voters? >> well, i have to say that it is in large part works in his favor. you know, that which does not kill us makes us stronger. if he stays on the ballot, what is happening here is that he is polling ahead of the field, and
2:36 pm
he is 34%, and undecided 30%, and the rest of the fields are 10 or lower. so, you know, as long as the conversation continues to be about his residency and he continues to win, people may begin to say, he is being harassed by the opponents, and there is very little that sucked all of the oxygen out of the room. opponents are having a lot of trouble. >> and hard to not see him as the underdog is now the underdog in this. and what has he said lately about this issue? >> well, he has certainly said that he is happy that the election commissioners have concluded that he is a resident. you know, he was on the stand for 12 hours almost, and that is another reason why people began to perhaps have sympathy for him, because he stood up pretty well under questioning that was sometimes intense and sometimes almost comical, because there are levels of ob jeks or the and some of them are trained lawyers and some are civic gad flies, but he held up well, and the
2:37 pm
hearing officer said that the man has his driver's license in illinois, and he has his car registered in illinois and voting absentee in illinois and paying taxes here in illinois, and cited a court hearing that said that the cornerstone of residency, once you have established residency in illinois is the intention of the resident to be a resident and not necessarily where he lays his head at night, because nobody disputes he has been sleeping in washington, d.c. for the last couple of years. >> thank you, very much, nick, only rahm's desire to be the mayor of chicago. we will see how this works out for him. >> thank you. and the average of gas surpassed the $3 mark today making it the first time we have seen the gas prices like this at christmas. and right now the average cost of regular unleaded is $3.01 which is up three cents from a week ago. 14 cents from a month ago and 43 cents from a year ago. new york drivers are paying the most at $3.26 a gallon and also well over $3 in california and in texas the average is 2.83.
2:38 pm
the cheapest spot in the country for gas, colorado, $2.74 a gallon and still high. more on the spike of the gas prices, i'm joined live michael c. fox. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> well everybody is saying, this is the first time we are seeing the average over $3.00 mark. >> well, we have excess speculations positions four times larger than bonafide hedgers. >> what does that mean? >> we have people taking control of commodities like crude oil and gasoline with the only intent is to drive the price up. they have no intentions of ever using the product, and no use for that product, but the only intent is to take control of it and corn ter market, and make the prices go up, and then take the profits. the victim is you and me. >> and that is why when people
2:39 pm
see the spikes at the holidays they feel you are sticking it to the working guy and woman when you want to travel for the holidays especially. >> yes, and we work very hard in the commodities with 145 businesses so diverse from faith-based and consumer-oriented and others who use these commodity problems and yet we passed the dodd/frank bill in washington, and now seeing wall street, and the big banks and the people delaying the implementation of those regulations, and now there is talk about putting the implementation of that bill off for another year, and the only thing that will happen is $4 gasoline until people get fed up enough. >> well, people are fed up. i don't know what the enough qualification is, but they are, and this is an awful time to see. this than you, michael. if it is not good news, at least it is information that we can use. thank you. new york city police investigating a body in a suitcase have a new lead. that tops the stories of the
2:40 pm
stories around the news nation today. police are searching for a man caught on surveillance video on a darkened street in harlem wheeling a suitcase, and a woman's body was later found in that suitcase. she had been strangled, and appeared to have a head injury. the internet telephone service skype is starting to recover after a massive outage wednesday where the users could not contact one another, and today, 80% of the users can get online, but skype spokesperson says that not all of the features are working including the group video chat, and off-line instant messaging. skype said that a software problem forced some of the computers offline. and the purse that school board member jennifer littleton used to hit a gunman has raised $13,000 in a charity auction. it is run by a security guard who is a hero that day, mike jones, and the handbag's maker, brahman matched the winning bid, and doubling the donation and
2:41 pm
the retail value of that purse is $300. up next, we are going to go live to the north pole where the busiest night of the year around the corner, and i don't have to tell you that. and plus, reports that bono and oprah are teaming up for a new project, and what could that be? we will have the answer and the scoop. first a lot going on today and here are some things that we thought you should know. alaska supreme court refused to overturn the state senate results that favored lisa murkowski. it rivaled joe miller's claim that the election was conducted improperly. but lisa murkowski was the only republican to cast favvotes in favor of president obama's wish list, the "don't ask, don't tell" repeal, and the closure act, and the others that were passed. senator reid tweeted, five
2:42 pm
months after i promised to repeal dadt, i am happy to give back this west point ring to lieutenant dan choi, who is an iraq vet for coming out. reid had been holding the ring for choi and promised to return it when it was signed. and president bush and his wife are okay after a car crashed on to front lawn of their home near dallas. there are reports that the driver was showing off the classic sportscar when the gas pet al got stopped and the driver was questioned and released. those are the things that we thought you should know. back.
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well, it is getting to be about that time. santa is gearing up for the whirlwind tour. nbc's bob rovell joins us
2:46 pm
outside of the north pole in alaska. i understand that santa is on twitter and facebook and now he has gps for the sleigh, but you look so old-school, and not you, but behind you looks so old school. >> yeah, good morning, and gee, merry christmas, tamron. this sleigh right here in particular has been with santa for a long time, so he has opted for gps as a backup system for rudolph's nose which has been his official navigation source for generations. what is remarkable about santa's operation is just the working conditions that they must, you know, survive in. here it is around 10:45 thursday morning, and we are now first getting our first light of the day, and it is not going to be for long. the sunlight around this time of the year is less than four hours a day, and because we are so far north, and as you can tell by my breath, it is fairly cold out here, and here we are with the thermometer and it is not lying, and it does not feel like it
2:47 pm
with my fingers and toes reading negative 40 degrees. so it is quite a cold winter out here. >> yeah, and i know it is about santa and the elves who are working and his helpers, but how many layers are you wearing? you said you can't feel your toes, ooh? >> sorry. how many layers? well, i have got -- yeah, jacket, a couple of sweaters and a thermal and a t-shirt and one huge layer of fat i have been working on for the last ten years. >> well, you get a pass for the fat, because you need to store up, and get a little body stuff to keep you warm out there, i imagine. well, you have an elf with you? earlier you did, right? >> yeah. well, you know, we were trying to get santa to come out to talk to us, but right now, he is busy getting the last-minute requests from the kids, but we were able to get one of the workers out here. skittles! >> yo! >> can we go over santa's list for christmas eve, toys? >> check. >> seat cushions for the sleigh? >> check.
2:48 pm
>> maps for the kids' houses? >> check. >> food for the reindeer? >> listen, dude, we got everything under control. >> by the tone, tamron, i don't think he wants us to be questioning him. >> yes, when it is that cold, you need to get inside. and thank you, bob, and give santa a hug for us. >> i will. and what do "jersey shore's" pauly d and u2's bono have in common? that is not a trick question. we are getting the scoop from alicia quarrels. good to have you on, from scoop. >> yes. >> and there is a lot of good movies out this weekend. first of all the fockers. >> yes, the little fockers. critics didn't love it. the ap critic panned, but i saw it. it is -- you know. >> the others were funny. >> but it is not as funny as the
2:49 pm
first two and it has run the course, but it does not matter, because people are going to see it, $30 million at the box office. >> and the movie i want to take my mom to is "true grit." >> oh, i loved it. you have the cohen brothers and matt damon and it is great. >> and the little girl was amazing. >> her first film, and she is excellent. >> and "somewhere." i'm not familiar with it. >> el we, it well, it is like a lohan-type character who runs amok until he comes back into her life. >> and "country strong." and people are talking about gwyneth paltrow, and you told me that it is not open until the 7th, but open in limited release, and people say she rocks it in the movie. >> well, she does, and everybody is surprised that gwyneth paltrow has a good voice, and she says it is the first time everything came together for her, and she plays a country
2:50 pm
star down and out and drew on faith hill on this, and it is going to be interesting how this does. >> and the thing from the top, what does "jersey shore's "the kid with the hair and bono have in common? >> well, they could both be getting a show. and oprah approached him for a show on the own network. she has julia roberts and tatum o'neal, and the duchess of york, and who says it is not surprising. it is of work. >> okay. and pauly d., would not have expected him to get her own show. >> thought snooki would get her show first. >> or the situation. >> they have a deal with pauly, a pilot has been shot. kind of all the personalities, not as big as everyone else. >> not as dramatic either. >> not as dramatic, but maybe he's the smartest because you've got to cash in on your 15 minutes when you're a reality
2:51 pm
star. >> he's a successful deejay. people pays tens of thousands of dollars to get him to deejay at their parties. >> he's cashing in on this. >> all right. i love this. you did a great job. >> thank you, thank you, friend. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> and for more entertainment news, you can always go to for the scoop. up next though, wow, an embarrassing scandal for the head coach of the new york jets rex ryan. it involves his wife and an alleged fettish. should the coach be forced to explain what this is all about? it's all over the internet? rex ryan says it's private, but what will the news nation gut check say? we'll be right back. crisp, clear, untouched. that's why there's brita, to make the water we drink, taste a little more, perfect. reduce lead and other impurities with the advanced filtration system of brita. reduce lead and other impurities it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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well, join the news nation. e-mail me at or find me at twitter at hall. time now for today's news nation gut check. new york jets coach rex ryan is
2:55 pm
backpedaling from reports of an apparent foot fettish after this video surfaced on the web. dead claims that the video was posted by michelle ryan, that would be rex's wife. in the video can you see a woman who looks like michelle showing off her feet for someone behind the camera who reportedly sounds like rex ryan. now, the jets coach was asked about the video at a recent press conference. >> mr. ryan, did you and your wife make the foot fettish videos? >> i -- well, you know, obviously i knew, you know, these questions, you know, this question is coming and things. you know, this is a personal matter, and i'm not going to discuss it. >> so foot fettish or not, jets owner woody johnson is still throwing his support behind the coach. by the way, he and his wife were together more than 20 years help. says, quote, i have a lot of respect for rex and his family, and my respect has not
2:56 pm
diminished one iota. so, what does your gut tell you about this one? should rex ryan have to explain more than simply saying this is personal when it comes to the video? not the only video. several on there, but, again, if this is rex ryan, the woman in it allegedly his wife, and they have been together since college, go to to vote, and let's look at what the news nation is saying about tuesday's gut check. a new jersey woman was cited by police for her singing santa on her porch. her neighbors said the santa was just too loud. they asked cops to come over. she was cited. the whole thing just turned into a mess. but anyway, 72% of you say yes, she should have to get rid of that santa and 28% of you say no, she doesn't. i thought you would say she didn't have to get rid of santa. ah, bah-ham bug. happy holidays and merry christmas. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. "news nation" will return money at 2:00 p.m. eastern time right here on msnbc.
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